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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

Facebook moms share perspectives on parenting

In a recent interview with Global news anchor Jamie Orchard, we asked her to name three things about being a parent she wished she knew before having kids. Then we posted the question on Montreal Families’ Facebook page and thought we would share some of the funny, insightful and touching comments from our “fans.”

Jamie Orchard
• Babies cry a lot and it’s not the end of the world when they do.
• How totally exhausted I would be (people tell you, but the reality is so much worse).
• How hard it is for some women to breastfeed. I struggled with both my boys at the beginning, but it became easier after I got help from great lactation nurses at the Jewish General Hospital.

Tracey Stafford
• I wish I’d known how often I would get the urge to call my mom and say “sorry.”
• That I’d never again be able to utter the phrase “I’m all done the laundry.”

Sheena Purcell
• You will turn into your mother (at some point!!)
• You do have to say to yourself from time to time “this too shall pass.”
• That when you think you are the only one feeling a certain way, realize that you are not.
• Having a support group is very important!!
Liz Warwick
• Everyone is an expert on babies, but only YOU are an expert on YOUR baby. Take the advice that works for your family and let the rest go.
• Enjoy the baby you got — not the one you may have wished/hoped for. Babies have unique personalities and you’ll drive
yourself insane if you start comparing.
• To quote from the Happiness Project: the days are long but the years are short.
Kerry Ballard-Allison
• Joining or forming a mommy group is important for your sanity.
• Breastfeeding is not always easy (despite the experts’ opinions).
• It is okay to say, “I don’t know what the hell I am doing!!!”
• You will be tired, very tired and that may never go away until your child leaves home.
Lyn Giannakopoulos
• I wished I had known the signs that a baby is not done pooping before washing her bum and changing her diapers. My 1-month-old daughter pooped on my shirt twice and, while kissing her bum, she peed on my mouth. Now I know… and those incidents never happened again.
Julie Matlin
• Nothing. I wouldn’t have believed it anyway.
Alissa Sklar
• I wish I’d known that I wouldn’t be exhausted forever.
• That every single moment (the maddening ones and the wonderful ones) would pass so much faster than I could imagine.
• That one day I would look back on those sleepless nights with nostalgia and warmth. But Julie’s right, I wouldn’t have believed it anyway.
Geneviève Malouin
• That the day you give birth, your child grabs your heart and pulls it out with him and, from that day forward, your heart will always be in his hands wherever he goes.
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