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08 Dec, Thursday
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Montreal Families

Experience a virtual thrill ride at Grévin

For the first time in Montreal, families can experience a virtual “5-D” experience, feeling the thrill of an epic sledding race through a multisensory, stereoscopic 3-D film.

The installation, which opened at the Grévin wax museum on Jan. 18, is inspired by the movie Racetime (La Course des Tuques in the French version), which opened in theatres this winter and features a spectacular toboggan race through a small-town village.

Families can feel what it’s like to board the sled belonging to the film’s hero, Frankie Four-Eyes, and steer it during a thrilling four-minute-long race, with the help of 3-D glasses, a D-Box movement system and artificial wind that intensifies along with your speed. Parental authorization is required for children under 13.

At Grévin Montreal, kids can also explore more than 120 wax sculptures of celebrities from around the world, including scientist Albert Einstein, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, hockey player Maurice Richard, and singer Katy Perry. The figures are posed in galleries replicating places like a forest, a hockey rink, Paris and Quebec, a high-end hotel, and a nostalgic nod to Montreal’s old Belmont Park amusement park.

For more information, visit grevin-montreal.com.

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