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20 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Playmobil School Bus Playset

What better way to get kids in the back-to-school spirit than reminding them of the excitement of taking the school bus?! This chic school bus playset from PLAYMOBIL makes the daily trip to school become an imaginative play experience – and, it’s almost time for the real school bus to make its appearance!

Packed with their school bags, the students wait at the bus stop until the big yellow bus pulls up and the friendly driver opens the doors. Now everyone can slowly get on one after the other and look for a seat. Quickly the journey continues, because the lessons are about to begin!

The realistically designed bus has room for six figures and has a fold-out stop sign on the side. A flashing module is integrated into the removable roof element and can be switched on and off using a pushbutton.The set includes four PLAYMOBIL figures, a school bus, school satchel, book, pen and other extras.

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Felipe Ribeiro


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