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04 Dec, Sunday
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Easy school lunch ideas

Packing school lunches … the bane of most parents’ lives! The first week can be exciting as parents try out all sorts of fun ideas but as the days pass, the monotony of this routine becomes exhausting.

We’ve searched the web for some creative ideas that can help you prepare multiple lunches in advance and even get the kids involved in helping to pack their daily lunch bags. Wishing all our parents a wonderful school year!

Nifty Kid-Friendly System

This user-friendly refrigerator set-up can help get the kids involved in choosing what they eat each day (via Tasty Junior)

Plan Ahead

This weekday meal-prep chicken burrito bowls (via Tasty). I have actually made this super-easy recipe at home and the kids loved them!

Vegan School Lunches

Check out these two videos (via thrivingonplants) with some easy ideas of what to pack for your vegan child.

Protein Packed Wraps

Here are 5 recipes that will give your child the energy they need to make it through the school day (via The Domestic Geek)

Packing Tips

How you pack your food is almost as important as what you pack. Here are some useful tips (via Whats Up Moms)

A Few More Lunch Box Hacks

How to keep an cut apple from going brown, making orange peels easier for little ones, cookie cutter sandwiches, water with a twist, non-spillable apple sauce (via She Speaks)

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