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24 Mar, Friday
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Montreal Families

Dormez-Vous Backpack For Kids Program

Many of us dread having to go out and buy school supplies, but what if we couldn’t afford to buy them at all? This year, consider turning your school-supply trip into an opportunity to do a good deed that your kids can relate to.

In cooperation with the Salvation Army and KidsFest, two organizations working to help families living at or below the poverty line, the Dormez-Vous Backpack for Kids program is requesting that parents pack an extra backpack with school supplies. Last year, more than 600 backpacks were collected and given out to kids who might otherwise start the school year without the tools they need to learn.

The supplies requested include:

markers or crayons, notebooks, geometry sets, dictionaries, thesauruses, pencils, erasers,
pencil cases, highlighters, glue/glue sticks, educational workbooks, folders, flashcards, paper,
scissors and tape, and to drop them off at any of the 34 Dormez-vous locations across the
province. Donations will be distributed to local children through The Salvation Army and
KidsFest, both non-profit organizations dedicated to helping youths who live at or below the
poverty line.
  • non-toxic markers or crayons
  • notebooks
  • geometry sets
  • dictionary
  • thesaurus
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • pencil case
  • highlighters
  • glue/glue sticks
  • educational workbooks
  • folders
  • flashcards
  • paper
  • scissors
  • tape

The backpacks can be dropped off at one of many Dormez-Vous locations any time during the month of August (and later, if necessary).

For a list of places to buy school supplies, backpacks and litterless lunchboxes, go to the Back to School in Montreal page.

Main photo courtesy of KPBS

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