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Do-it-yourself gift wrapping ideas

As someone who is not exactly talented when it comes to wrapping gifts, I usually have an array of premade superhero, baby shower, and all-occasion gift bags at the ready. But, there’s been the occasional time (usually 10 minutes before we leave for a party) where there wasn’t a bag or piece of wrapping paper to be found anywhere in the house.

If you’re caught in a similar jam, try out one of these do-it-yourself gift wrapping ideas for a creative alternative. You can also create unique gift-wrapping items ahead of time by breaking out the craft supplies and getting the kids involved in the process.

If you want to get really creative with your wrapping, ditch the paper altogether and opt for ecologically friendly wrapping that doubles as part of the gift. Old travel maps, sheet music, and other non-conventional paper add a personalized touch. New kitchen towels, oven mitts, or an apron are green ways of gifting kitchen-themed items and are also a fun way to wrap for a young budding cook. Sand buckets and galvanized buckets package everything up nicely and can be used afterwards for summer fun or planting projects; or use a new beach towel, T-shirt, or scarf for recipients of all ages.

If your paper supply has suddenly run out, or if you’re tired of the usual Superman and Disney designs, these clever DIY solutions — from make-ahead crafts to last-minute ideas — will have you always at the ready for all those special occasions.

Upcycled packaging

My kids go through an astonishing amount of cereal, which means we always have boxes in the recycling. Grab a clean one, cut it down to size, punch holes on the sides and add ribbon or twine for a handle, and you’ve got a whimsical and sure-to-be-talked-about bag.


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Repurpose cookie cutters

While waiting for the cookies to bake, set the kids up with holiday-themed cookie cutters and set them to work using paint and craft paper for some one-of-a-kind wrap to bundle up gifts for friends and family. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can easily switch the stamps and paint colors to suit your holiday of choice. Dip, stamp, repeat.

Channel your inner artist

Plain paper, paints, and a ruler are all you need to make one-of-a-kind paper. Secure the paper to a flat surface, drop globs of paint on the paper, and use the ruler to squeegee the paint across. Change up the colours and designs and each gift recipient will have a treasure they can keep. Tip: Unwrap carefully, iron flat using the instructions in the video, and this can become framable artwork.

Crafts for the littlest

Grab the LEGO from underneath your feet (ouch!) and put those little hands to work making these masterpieces. All you need is plain paper or kraft paper, LEGOS of various sizes, paint, and a kids’ smock to contain the inevitable mess. Squeeze out some paint onto plates, dip the LEGOS in paint, and get stamping.


If you have time, scour the yard or park for the perfect leaves for a fun stamping project. If the leaves are already covered in snow, search for pinecones. Spread paint sparingly on your leaves or pinecones and roll or tap across the paper for a unique texture. Once the leaves or pinecones have dried, tie them to the wrapped package for extra adornment. You can also look in the fridge and use celery to make classic celery stalk roses, and carve out potatoes in different shapes to make spud stamps.

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Art class

After wrapping a flat item in plain paper or leftover packaging paper, it’s time to let your small artist loose. Give them an assortment of crayons and markers, stickers and stamps, and let them draw and colour right on the already-wrapped package. Once they’re done with their masterpiece you’re ready to head out.


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Share the love

Wondering what to do with all of the artwork that the kids bring home? Rather than storing it for years, use it to cover gifts for family and friends. Their classwork gets shared and serves double duty as gift wrap.

Reuse your containers

A cool way to reduce and reuse is to turn washed and dried Tetrapack containers into gift receptacles. Rinse out the juice box, cut off the top and side flaps. Carefully peel away the printed layer to reveal the brown or white paper layer. This can be coloured, stickered, or decorated using old Holiday cards and Mod Podge. Fold over the top, poke some holes for ribbon, and done.

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Plain brown no longer

Jazz up the standard paper bag with glitter, stickers, drawings, and more. The only limit when decorating these is your imagination!


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