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Debate & Public Speaking Summer Camp

French philosopher Rene Descartes once wrote, “I think, therefore I am.” We think every day, and the clarity and scale of our thoughts determine what we can achieve in life. Additionally, being able to succinctly formulate and communicate our thoughts allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and inspire change.

However, there are very few occasions throughout our lives where we get to develop and practice these skills. As a result, many students fear public speaking, and even more find it difficult to research and prepare a concise, compelling argument to articulate their thoughts.

Summer Day Camp 2022

At Brainy Speech & Debate Academy, we believe that everyone can think and speak well. What we need is practice and training. This summer, the Academy is offering a debate and public speaking summer day camp for students 9-16 in Montreal.

This camp is suitable for students with different personalities (shy or outgoing) and levels of experience (beginner or experienced debaters). Students will be grouped based on their age and experience. It will maintain a low instructor-to-student ratio (1:8) to ensure that every student has the opportunity to speak and receive ample personalised feedback so they can have the most optimal learning experience.

Campers will have an initial one-on-one, 10-minute assessment and then students and parents can ask questions. Students can also film a short video and receive comprehensive feedback from our instructors.

Learning Goals

Debating and public speaking are effective training for students to improve their critical thinking and communication skills and build confidence. This training requires students to listen, respond and think on their feet. It helps students think faster, deeper, and further!

At the camp, students will hone their persuasive writing skills, improve argumentative abilities, and learn about current affairs. Students will gain knowledge of a vast range of challenging issues and topics, such as politics, economics, international relations and social justice. Furthermore, students will acquire other skills essential to their academic success, such as research, listening, note-taking and collaboration.

Through a variety of games, activities, and seminars, the camp will provide a fun, nurturing, and safe learning environment. Students can build confidence and improve communication skills while enjoying their learning experience and making new friends! This camp is not only fun but also helps your child do better at school, become more eloquent and be better informed as citizens!

About the Academy

Brainy Speech & Debate Academy is a premier debate and public speaking academy in Canada. All our instructors are top debaters in Canada with years of experience coaching elementary and high school students. The Academy is the official training partner of the Panamanian Debate Association (ASPADE), providing training to Team Panama (English) to help its members prepare for the World School Debate Championship (WSDC).

Camp Details

Dates: July 18 – 22 and August 8 – 12 (Weekdays)

Location: Dawson College (3040 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal)

Ages: 9 – 16

For more information, please visit brainyspeechdebate.com. You can contact the academy by phone at 1-647-512-8371 or email at brainydebate@gmail.com.