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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

Dad-approved Father’s Day activities

I will always treasure one of my first Father’s Days. I cooked some BBQ chicken, packed it up with salads and drinks, and had a picnic along the St. Lawrence River down the street from our apartment in LaSalle. I remember how excited my son, Charlie, and I were to be outside enjoying his first picnic. The first time he saw the rushing rapids made him squeal with glee. Charlie is now 3 years old, but I’m even more excited to celebrate this upcoming Father’s Day because my 9-month-old daughter, Adele, has joined our family.

Both my wife and have jobs that are mentally demanding and sometimes require unexpected overtime. With the stress of work and an upcoming move, it’s easy to lose sight of how fast our children are growing. Father’s Day is a special occasion to me because it gives me time to take a moment and look at how my children have grown, who they’ve become and what they aspire to be. That’s why I make sure that the day isn’t only special for me, but also for my children. I find the best way to do this by taking part in activities we all enjoy.

My sous chef

I am a firm believer that the way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs. I love food! But what I love more than devouring a dish is planning, preparing and cooking it. That’s why sharing this passion with my son has always been a great way to get him interested in food, all while having fun in the kitchen.

The first time I cooked a meal with my son, we decided we would make pancakes one Sunday morning for breakfast. The evening before, we took a trip to our local Super C grocery store to make sure we had all the ingredients. Looking over the recipe and shopping for the ingredients excited him. He even got to use a miniature cart to collect out groceries. “I’m a big kid with this cart,” Charlie said.

Measuring, pouring, mixing, and tasting the completed batter gave him a sense of pride of having played a crucial part in the final product. “I helped Daddy make that,” he said, showing his mother our final product. Showing him how combining different ingredients create a delicious dish is something I know we’ll always share an interest in. No matter how complicated or time-consuming the recipe, I think cooking with your children is one pastime they will enjoy being a part of.

A visit to the library

Reading is a pastime that I’ve only grown to love in my adult life. I sometimes regret the fact that I didn’t read more growing up. I feel I missed out on challenging my thoughts and expanding my imagination. That’s why I try to share an interest in reading with Charlie so he can learn to enjoy it at an earlier age.


One of my favourite things is coming home, snuggling up on the couch, and reading a few of them aloud. Following along with the pictures, laughing at the jokes, or questioning sad moments, I feel reading to my son has strongly developed his imagination. Most importantly, it’s instilled a love of reading, something I hope he will have for life.

Mini gardeners

My wife and I recently purchased a home in Pierrefonds. After living in apartments for the last 10 years, the transition will be challenging. It will also be particularly difficult for Charlie, who’s only known our LaSalle apartment as home. To prepare for our upcoming move to the suburbs, we’ve started to encourage him to look forward to new things. It’ll be our first house, and besides the bigger space, freedom to decorate and giant backyard, I remember saying I couldn’t wait to garden, to which Charlie replied, “Me too!”

We asked him what colour flowers he’d like to grow. “Green, purple and pink,” he said. What kind of plants would he like to grow? “Big ones.” And what kind of herbs would he like? “Rosemary.” And this is what we’ll do.

Our son now often wakes up asking if we’re going to garden today. We regretfully tell him, “Not today,” but have since bought him his own gardening shovel, watering can, and gloves. We’ve also started to grow small plants and herbs in tin cans on our kitchen windowsill. When we move, we will dedicate a small section of our garden to him and replant them. This a great opportunity to have your children watch something grow, enjoy working outside and take on some responsibility.

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