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D.D.O. clinic offers lice-removal services

A few years ago, Stacey Silverstein and Andrea Hecht, certified teachers with more than 20 years experience, saw a need in the community for better lice treatment and prevention.

“We kept seeing our students repeatedly getting lice and it was just becoming somewhat of an epidemic because it was no longer only affecting kids in schools, but families and friends as well,” Silverstein says.

According to new research by the Journal of Medical Entomology, 98 per cent of head lice have mutated and are now more resistant to common over-the-counter treatments. These “super lice” are one of the many reasons why Silverstein and Hecht created The Lice Crew.

Soon after, they merged with Canadian hair giant Beauty Express, an organization with expertise in hair salon and spa management. Today, the Toronto-based company is the largest professional organization of lice experts, providing lice detection, treatment and education. They operate eight clinics throughout North America and are looking to add five more within the next few months.

The Lice Crew offers services at its clinic and in homes, where clients can get head screenings to verify if someone has lice. Treatment is 100 per cent pesticide-free with all-natural products.

Clients are typically school-aged children (between the ages of 3-11), so each clinic is equipped to entertain the kids as well. They have Wi-Fi, televisions, movies, a play area with toys and games, child-friendly, peanut-free snacks, and more.

Silverstein says the majority of clients who come to The Lice Crew haven’t had success doing the treatment themselves or are looking for a professional to do a thorough job.

“We provide that specialized service with trained technicians as well as professional equipment to guarantee that our clients are free of lice,” Silverstein says.

Screenings for lice cost $20-$25 and treatments start at $59.95, both of which have a 100 per cent, 30-day lice-free guarantee. The Lice Crew clinic is located at 4230 St. Jean Blvd., D.D.O.

For more information, call 514-624-5423 or visit licecrew.com.

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