Creative writing workshop for all ages

This pen pal initiative aims to connect and inspire isolated English speaking people across Quebec during the pandemic

Creative writing workshop for all ages

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Writers of all ages are invited to register for Explorations’ Intergenerational Creative Writing Program, a virtual pen pal initiative that connects individuals through storytelling.

No writing experience is necessary for the 10-week workshop, where storytellers will be guided in world-building and character development, and receive tips on how to develop their own style of writing. The educational program merges letter-writing and digital literacy and will include role-playing game techniques. By email, participants will share letters with their new online friends using the voices of the fictional characters they’ve created.

The program was chosen by ELAN Quebec and partner Seniors Action Quebec as one of their Seniors Project community-building activities that aims to connect seniors who have been isolated during the pandemic with virtual pen pals young and old.

An introductory writing program workshop is available on the We’re All In This Together web series.

The workshops run each Monday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., starting April 12, 2021 until June 14, 2021. The pay-what-you-can program is open to all ages. Register through the Explorations website:

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