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27 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Chinese film festival includes children’s movies in its 2017 lineup

After last year’s debut in Montreal, the Canada-China International Film Festival (CCIFF) is back and this year’s lineup includes several children’s movies.

The festival takes place from Sept. 23-27 and screenings for kids and teens will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Sept. 23 and 24 at Concordia University’s Alumni Auditorium, located in the Hall building.

The animated films are appropriate for children aged 4 and up, while the live-action movies are recommended for ages 7-12. There is also a small selection of films for teens aged 12 and up, which they can watch with their parents.

Below is a guide to all the family-friendly films you can check out during the festival:

For kids aged 4-12:

0041 is a short film that depicts the conflict between a young ballerina’s dreams and her reality as she records herself dancing. (9/23)

Secrets of the Flowers is an animated tale about a young group of friends on an adventure to uncover the secrets of plants. (9/23)

Baby Tadpoles Look for Their Mother is a 1961 animated film about a group of baby tadpoles who, after hearing about their mother from their Grandpa Shrimp, go on a journey through the water to find her. (9/23)

Brothers Reunion at Wantai Mountain is a live-action drama that follows two young boys living in Tucheng in 1935 who are separated due to the war. Years later, one of them returns to the Taiwanese city to find his childhood friend. (9/23)

RUN is an animated tale of survival, as 12-year-old Robyn tries to make it through a dark cornfield while encountering some scary figures along the way. (9/24)

The Balloon Man is a silent film set in a world where everyone’s heads are balloons, except for the protagonist. As he tries to change his head shape and fit in with society, he is forced to come to terms with his own differences. (9/24)

Abdullah’s Wonderland is a live-action thriller that sees young Abdullah searching for a genie lamp, which will help him reunite with his long-lost sister. (9/24)

For teens (12+) and parents:

Tidal Waves is a short film about a young dancer struggling with scoliosis. (9/23)

Dear Daughter is a family drama about a successful police officer who tries to repair his relationship with his daughter after years of neglect. (9/23)

After Marco Polo is a romantic drama set in the 13th century that tells the story of a young Italian boy and Chinese girl who fall in love through a pair of magic mirrors. (9/23)

Whispers of the Heart III is the third installment in a popular film series in which the protagonist, Jing, travels around the world during her last year of college. (9/24)

Tickets cost $10 for adults and admit up to five children for free. Two-screening passes are available for $15. Full-festival passes, which allow admission to all films throughout the festival, cost $100. Tickets can be purchased online.

For more information, visit cciff.ca.

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