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04 Dec, Sunday
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CBC Kids launches new variety show

Kids sing, dance, and play together in CBC Kids’ new variety show Ukulele U. The sing-along show debuted on Jan. 8, 2022 with tons of wiggling and giggling from the young cast and host Melanie Doane.

The series is designed for preschoolers and features a group of kids as they educate and entertain with play, movement, and music. Through songs, they learn about friendship, feel the joy of singing, dance and play together, and every child’s creative spirit is celebrated. After learning each song, they perform a music video that gets everyone up and active.

The guiding principle behind Ukulele U is:

U is for unique, Be yourself there’s only one You.
K is for kind, You care for others as well as yourself.
E is for everybody: You belong.

The is the brainchild of world-renowned creative talents Bob Ezrin and Melanie Doane. Ezrin is a legendary Canadian music producer known for his work with music powerhouses Aerosmith, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, and Andrea Bocelli among others. He is also the founder of the Nimbus School of Recording Arts, a private technical music production institute in Vancouver. Co-creator and host Doane is a Juno Award-winning recording artist and Executive Director of
USchool, a charitable organization dedicated to making music education accessible to children regardless of their financial circumstances.

“Our vision is to empower children at home to sing with us and MAKE music, not just listen to it,” Doane says. “Our cast is terrific and I’m so proud of our original music. I’ve loved creating the show with Bob and we’ve got something very special.”

Ezrin says the idea behind Ukulele U was to create a magical place for children to play and learn through music.  “At our  ‘university’ children of all ages get a ‘degree’ in love, life and the joy of singing, dancing and playing together.”

The show’s catchy songs are brought to life by director and choreographer ​David Connolly, whose accolades include ​family favourites The Moblees,​​ The Doodlebops, Hairspray, ​and ​Mamma Mia.

Music featured on the show will include hit songs from popular musicians across a wide variety of genres — from Dynamite by BTS, Diamonds by Rihanna, and Me by Taylor Swift to Best Friend by Queen and It Don’t Mean a Thing by Duke Ellington.

Marie McCann, Senior Director of Children’s Content at CBC Kids, says the show will inspire kids and families to sing and move along to a wonderful collection of songs. “On top of all the fun and joy it brings, music promotes so many areas of learning and development – from math, language and physical skills to emotional well-being. We love that Melanie and Bob are using pop music to tap into this time-tested way of teaching music.”

Watch Ukulele U on Saturday mornings or find it on CBC Gem at gem.cbc.ca

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