How to set up a free Minecraft server

How to set up a free Minecraft server

Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up a fun game you can play with friends
New C.I.T. program launched for teens

New C.I.T. program launched for teens

Youth Stars Foundation is offering an eight-week course that teaches kids about leadership, conflict resolution, professionalism and financial literacy
Teens can access free therapy

Teens can access free virtual therapy

The Teenage Health Unit at the Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre is reaching out to teens who are suffering from mental health issues due to the pandemic
programs to build life skills

Centre offers programs to build life skills

The Youth Stars Foundation has a new location in D.D.O. and is offering online programs during the pandemic
primer on Dungeons & Dragons

A primer on Dungeons & Dragons

A local 13-year-old boy explains how to do online role-playing sessions with friends to master this game of storytelling

New book club launched for black girls

A West Island association is starting a new initiative in September to give black girls a place to share perspectives on books and promote their culture

Teen writing contest focuses on life during the pandemic

Two foundations that support youth are holding a contest in the hopes of learning about the life experiences of many teens across Canada

Teens needed for mental health study

A new Oxford University study will track what helps or harms adolescents’ mental health during the COVID-19 crisis

Free presentation about video game addiction

An international speaker will share his story of addiction during high school and recovery

Teens can learn to fly at pilot camp

Campers will be taught the basics of aviation, how airplanes work, how to take off and land, and visual flight rules

New camp for teens interested in film production

Geared to teens 14-17, campers will learn about script writing, shooting, acting, editing and sound effects

Kanawana breaks down gender barriers with third sleeping option

Adding a "gender expansive" tent creates an inclusive and accepting environment for all campers