Children's emergency rooms remain open

Children’s emergency rooms remain open

Despite the pandemic and curfew, the Montreal Children's Hospital and Sainte-Justine want to assure parents it is safe and permitted to bring their children to the emergency department
Families challenged to be active

Families challenged to be active

An organizaton called ParticipACTION wants Canadians to move more for the good of our physical and mental health
Free online dance classes

Get up and boogie at these dance classes

Canada's National Ballet school is offering free creative movement classes for kids, adults and seniors
four easy indoor winter activities

Four easy indoor winter activities for kids

There is no time like winter for parents to discover some new ways for kids to have fun in the safety of their own homes
Record number of tobogganing injuries

Record number of tobogganing injuries

The pandemic has made this activity increasingly popular but serious injury can occur if kids don't follow safety precautions

15 ways to keep kids cool this summer

From babies to older kids, discover some fun ways to beat the heat on sweltering days
Montrealers share recipes through Facebook

Montrealers share recipes through Facebook

Mumspiration Food offers a collection of recipes with links, pictures and meal-planning tips

Kanawana breaks down gender barriers with third sleeping option

Adding a "gender expansive" tent creates an inclusive and accepting environment for all campers

Support for parents of teens struggling with addiction

The program will give advice about how to enhance parenting skills to change the dynamic in difficult parent-child relationships

Petition urges government to do more to help kids with special needs

Three women who have founded an advocacy group for kids with special needs are asking the public to sign a petition to help kids get more health services

Concert to raise funds for oncology floor at Montreal Children’s Hospital

Léandre Gaucher is helping organize an event to benefit other sick kids because he is so appreciative of the help he received while undergoing treatment

Team sports are great for mental health

A new study shows that there are multiple social and emotional benefits to being part of a team