Book Reviews

Books that celebrate holiday traditions

Books that celebrate holiday traditions

The four books will take children on a holiday journey around the world, which may be a very welcome escape during these times

Books that ignite a child’s imagination

These four books will help children escape reality in these not-so-normal pandemic times

A great way to teach kids about tolerance

Intolerance. It seems to be everywhere these days. President Donald Trump can be heard making disparaging remarks about people on

Books that educate kids about Indian residential schools

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission shares stories of the impact of natives having their children taken from them by the Canadian government and put in schools to try to assimilate them

Three books that honour the legacy of Anne Frank

Her diary has humanized the experience of the Holocaust and these books can help educate young people about this terrible time in history

Book teaches kids about the art of self-expression

Find out what happens when Pokko the frog heads into the forest to entertain the various creatures

3 young-adult books that promote diversity

3 young-adult books that promote diversity

Inspirational books about climate change

The following five books feature environmental pioneers and explain climate change

Young adult book festival coming to town

Teen and tween bookworms and avid readers of all ages are invited to attend the second edition of the MTL

Books that will get kids excited about cooking

Cooking is a great way to spend quality time with kids and it teaches them skills that will serve them

Book series teaches kids about money management

A new series of children’s stories written by a Montreal-area dad aims to teach preschool and elementary-aged kids basic money-management

Four books that focus on protecting animals

A recent animated video produced by Greenpeace shows a young orangutan taking over the bedroom of a young girl, swinging