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Montreal Families’ Education Fair on Sept.15

Come meet representatives from private and public schools as well as tutoring and learning centres, adult ed programs and more

10 ways to welcome new kids at school

I've taught my kids the importance of seeking out new kids to help them with a difficult transition

Homework can be a headache – is it worth the pain?

The worst part about homework isn’t the homework itself. Like many chores assigned to an elementary-school-aged child, if the child

How to deal with back-to-school butterflies

Colin was starting 6th grade in a new school. At an orientation event, he became visibly unnerved as he struggled

Have you had your child’s eyesight tested?

Ciaran Allison learned to read at a later age than his two older brothers, Eamon and Callum. The 9-year-old boy

Easy school lunch ideas

Packing school lunches ... the bane of most parents' lives! The first week can be exciting as parents try out

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9 back-to-school safety tips

In order to ensure that children get to and from school more safely, the Missing Children’s Network has published safety

Preschool offers academic program for toddlers

Most parents enrol their children in preschool around age 3 or 4, but at one Montreal daycare, academic instruction begins

New preschool focuses on outdoors to spark learning

On the first day at this new preschool in Hudson, there were no pencils or papers in sight nor building

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Snow pass allows kids to ski for free

Approximately 125 hills offer this deal to youngsters in the hopes they will develop a love of skiing and snowboarding from a young age

Outdoor classroom allows kids to learn through play

At a school in St. Lazare, teachers want to get kids outside during classroom time, so they can enjoy the fresh air while fuelling their brains
Geordie Theatre's 2019-2020 season

Plays tackle serious subjects

Geordie Theatre’s 39th season continues the company’s tradition of tackling serious subjects through engaging stories that appeal to young audiences

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Villa Maria lauded for its gardening initiative

Last year, Villa Maria high school implemented a new project to ensure students develop their green thumbs, while also learning about environmental science.

Montreal teen selected for D-Day pilgrimage

A Pointe-Claire teen was among a small group of high school students from across Canada who joined a pilgrimage to northern France this summer.

Program helps pregnant teens and young moms finish high school

Just getting through high school can be challenging for many teens; imagine trying to do it while raising a newborn.

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10 ways to welcome new kids at school

I've taught my kids the importance of seeking out new kids to help them with a difficult transition

Minimize risks associated with screens

Workshops for teachers and students aim to shift kids from being passive consumers of media to savvy creators

Bikers offer support for abused children

The gang of tattooed bikers in black leather and blue jeans look tough as they roar through Montreal streets on

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A fun way to educate young kids about online behaviour

Because children go online earlier than ever before, parents and guardians need to start talking to them about the digital

The DANGERS of Fortnite

You were just getting used to your kid’s obsession with Fortnite, and now, all you hear about is V-Bucks. V-Bucks,

Parents urged to talk to teens about the risks of sexting

Raging hormones and social media can be a toxic mix. While teens have always experimented with sex, with smartphones in