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Geordie Theatre hosts online festival

Geordie Theatre hosts online festival

After 40 years of productions, this theatre company wasn't going to let a pandemic draw the curtain on its performances
Families challenged to be active

Families challenged to be active

An organizaton called ParticipACTION wants Canadians to move more for the good of our physical and mental health
Free online dance classes

Get up and boogie at these dance classes

Canada's National Ballet school is offering free creative movement classes for kids, adults and seniors
Space themed activities for kids

Space-themed activities for kids

In addition to learning games, the Canadian Space Agency offers a junior astronaut program and contest
Enjoy arts-based courses online

Enjoy arts-based courses online

A St. Lambert non-profit organization is offering a slew of courses in January, including sewing, robotics, chess, music and more
Backyard rinks

Backyard rinks surging in popularity

Searching for a variety of ways to enjoy time outdoors this winter, many families have decided to take the plunge and build rinks in their backyards
SnowPass Canadian Ski Council

SnowPass allows kids to ski virtually free

Approximately 125 hills offer this deal to youngsters in the hopes they will develop a love of skiing and snowboarding from a young age
programs to build life skills

Centre offers programs to build life skills

The Youth Stars Foundation has a new location in D.D.O. and is offering online programs during the pandemic
Boost hockey fitness off the ice

Boost hockey fitness off the ice

Hockey players may not be lacing up their skates very much these days but there are ways for them to hone their skills while at home
Kids should be able to play sports

Kids should be able to play sports

A local pediatrician says every time we stop kids from being physically active, it damages their physical and mental health

WOWMOMSWORLD play centres opens

Centre offers programs and services for people of all ages, even babies as young as four weeks old

Sylvan Adams community centre offers online programs

In an effort to help families, the non-profit organization is offering online fitness classes as well as a chance for people with special need to connect online