Sleep Away Camps

Sleepaway camps can open this summer

Sleepaway camps can open this summer

Quebec Public Health has announced that it will prioritize vaccination for camp staff and set forth health protocols in coming days
Pediatricians want sleepover camps reopened

Pediatricians want sleepover camps reopened

More than 80 doctors have signed a letter asking the government to allow sleepover camps to open for the sake of children's mental and physical well being

Two new camp options for sports lovers

Held at Brébeuf College, campers will have access to state-of-the-art sports facilities, including a turf field, indoor courts, and an ice rink

Kanawana breaks down gender barriers with third sleeping option

Adding a "gender expansive" tent creates an inclusive and accepting environment for all campers

Visit the Montreal Families’ Camp Fair

Planning to send your child to summer camp this year? A great way to gather information is by dropping by our fair on Feb. 16, 2020.

Camp offers new Counsellor-in-Training program for teens

Camp Massawippi, dedicated to helping individuals living with motor, hearing, or visual impairments, will be offering a Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) program

Sports day camp offers sleepaway option

This summer, young sports aficionados will have the opportunity to live out their dreams of being a professional athlete at

Camp gives teens a taste of Hollywood TV production

Does your teen have a passion for acting, filmmaking, or life in Hollywood? Teenagers can experience what it’s like to
Boost hockey fitness off the ice

7 camps geared to kids who love hockey

I have to admit, I used to find it strange that parents sent their kids to hockey camp in the

How to prepare your child for a first sleepaway camp experience

Sending kids off to camp isn’t just about offering them a good-time getaway. Yes, we hope our little campers will

Calming camp jitters — a guide for parents

The countdown is on. Every week that ticks closer to the end of school also means it’s one week closer

Do summer camps allow use of electronics?

I feel a great need to send my child to a sleep away camp this summer. It’s not because I’m