Careers in Pharmacy and Dental Assistance



Dental Assistance

The dynamic and interactive Dental Assistance program at PACC has a tried and true reputation going back 40 years. It is the only publicly funded English program of its kind in Quebec.

Start working as a medical professional in just a little over one year of training!

PACC’s state-of-the-art dental clinic simulates a real work environment, while allowing teachers to give one on one training and support. The dental program offers a well-rounded comprehensive program with stage placement.

There is tremendous pride in our ability to bring students on site at the McGill Dental Clinic. Students have the opportunity to do a two week stage, alongside other professionals in the field. Eligible students are also placed in private or hospital clinics for three months of training.

Every student leaves the program with a C.V in hand, and often with a job offer!

Pharmacy Technical Assistance

The well-rounded training and internship program at PACC Career Centre gives students an edge.

The Alternance Travail Études (ATE) approach in Pharmacy Technical Assistance is a winning work-study formula permitting students to spend time working in pharmacies throughout the one year training.

This flexibility offers the unique opportunity for students to do a stage in a CHSLD (nursing home), in addition to the conventional hospital and community environments. The hands-on approach thoroughly prepares students to enter the work force with the knowledge and confidence employers are looking for. Our high performing students have a head start and are highly sought after by our industry partners.

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