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06 Feb, Monday
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Montreal Families

Canada’s first free-fly roller coaster coming to La Ronde

Montreal amusement park La Ronde is introducing a thrilling new ride this year for the most daring of its visitors: Vipère, a free-flying roller coaster with gravity-defying drops and somersaults that is the first of its kind in Canada.

On this ride, thrill-seekers will sit in winged vehicles that extend outside of the track and riders will be suspended in the air.

The adventure will begin with a 107-foot lift straight up. Riders will then be sent into a tumbling free-fall full of twists, 360-degree somersaults and unexpected drops along a serpentine track. The seats move and spin on their own, depending on the weight of the other passengers, creating a unique experience every time — no two riders will have the same ride!

The ride features four winged vehicles that seat eight people, for a total ride capacity of 32. With a height requirement of 4’ 4”, Vipère welcomes all sorts of thrill-seekers, from seasoned daredevils to adventurous youngsters.

The new ride is currently under construction, and while it won’t be ready for the May 9 opening of the park, it will be open in late spring.

La Ronde is located in the Jean-Drapeau Park on Île Ste.Hélène and can be accessed by taking the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, or the Metro’s yellow line.

For more information, visit laronde.com.

Video via Youtube – Coaster Box

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