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08 Dec, Thursday
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Montreal Families

Camp to teach kids to be inventors

When Mark Hausmann, one of the owners and directors of Redwood Country Day Camp, received a patent this year on an invention he’d designed to clean the walls of his camp’s large aquarium, he got an idea. With so many of the children at the camp fascinated by the robotic tank cleaner, why not give them an opportunity to invent something themselves? And so the Inventors Club was born, and will be part of the camp’s programming this summer.

“We try to offer something new for the kids every year, we try to challenge them because many have been with us since the age of 4,” says Joetta Hausmann, Mark’s wife and co-owner of the camp. “The kids have seen his invention and find it amazing that someone can actually create something like that, so we thought it would be nice to show the kids what it means to be an inventor.”

The Inventors Club will introduce campers going into Grade 4 through Grade 7 to the creative process and provide a platform for discussion about real-life kid inventors and what it means to create. The children will be invited to brainstorm and come up with ideas within the camp for things that they can make themselves, and with the help of the camp’s CAD software, automated machine tools, and 3D printer they will be able to observe how prototypes are manufactured.

The program aims to foster creativity and encourage innovation through hands-on tutorials. Counsellors will guide campers in coming up with ideas, identifying problems, getting through the design process and finally developing their projects.

Redwood Country Day Camp has been in operation for 41 years and is located on 27 acres of land in Vaudreuil. The Inventors Club starts on week five as part of the camp’s regular programming.

For more information call 450-455-3227 or visit redwooddaycamp.com.

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