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27 Jan, Friday
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Camp adds photography and animation to lineup

Fortissimo Academy of Music and Arts will offer introductory lessons in photography and animation alongside its music training, and arts & crafts activities. Initially a private school where students received one-on-one music lessons from classically-trained pianist Svetlana Klempner, Fortissimo Academy now trains students on various musical instruments, including violin, clarinet, saxophone and vocals.

This summer, kids ages 5-13 will also be able to learn the basics of photography, like how to properly use the zoom functions and when to use different lighting techniques. Campers will try their hand at stop-motion animation and will be involved in the brainstorming process, the creation of characters out of clay, and shooting their own scenes.

Additionally, they can incorporate musical interludes and vocals, provided by their peers, into these scenes. At the end of the session, students will receive copies of the photo stills, along with the edited version of the animation. Parents will also be invited to view the final product.

“Students get excited when they see that something they’ve worked very hard on has come to life,” said Olena Zamkova, the instructor for the animation program. The program is being offered in collaboration with Art Cinema Studio, a youth film school where Zamkova also teaches.

Students will be provided with the necessary equipment, such as Canon cameras. Zamkova will be working with the students, and will walk them through the final step of editing their work. No previous experience with cameras or other technology is necessary.

Another new addition to this camp program will be introductory computer courses for younger campers and more advanced programming for older group. One week is $300 and two weeks is $585. The camp runs from June 29 to July 10.

For more information, call 514-836-6872 or visit academyfortissimo.com

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