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26 Jan, Thursday
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Montreal Families

Bubble soccer blowing its way into Montreal

Many of us have seen the YouTube videos of people bouncing into each other dressed in giant plastic bubbles as they attempt to play sports. Bubble sports, the most popular being bubble soccer, originated in Norway several years ago after a match was shown on a television game show. Since then, the craze has spread like wildfire across Europe and into Canada.

The concept of bubble soccer is simple: you step into a large, transparent plastic bubble, and knock your opponents out of the way as you run across the field to try and score a goal.

While there are several centres in and around Montreal dedicated to bubble soccer and other games, only a few of those allow children to participate, two of them being The Ministry of Cricket and Bubble Madness.

The Ministry of Cricket offers birthday party packages, which include hour-long bubble soccer games for groups of up to 10 kids over the age of 8. They can also enjoy the facility’s party and hockey spaces, as well as add-on activities such as Archery Tag, Nerf Battles and Escape Rooms for a fee.

At Bubble Madness, approximately eight to 10 players can participate per game, which usually lasts between five and seven minutes, with frequent water breaks. Apart from soccer, other games can be played such as Spartacus; participants are divided into two teams and must channel their inner warriors in order to knock members of the opposing team onto the ground. The team with the most players left standing is named the victor.

Bubble Madness tries to be inclusive; boys and girls play alongside each other. Owner Jonathan Pharez says this activity is a fun and safe alternative to traditional sports where head injuries are common due to on-field collisions and other accidents.

In the U.S., bubble sports (often referred to as Knockerball) leagues are common across the country. Both The Ministry of Cricket and Bubble Madness offer their services on an event-only basis, but Pharez from Bubble Madness says they are looking into starting their own league because the demand in the Montreal area is so high.

The Ministry of Cricket is located at 1301 Mazurette, opposite Marché Central in Ahuntsic. For more information, call 514-904-1261 or book your game time online at ministryofcricket.ca/contact

For more information on Bubble Madness, call 514-886-2810 or visit bubblemadness.ca

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