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Boost hockey fitness off the ice

Well, this year the kids got past tryouts and had a few months of games before restrictions due to the Omicron variant shut the sport down yet again. My “manager” hoodie that I’m always so proud to wear is hung up in the closet, my husband’s coaching gear is stashed away, and my 12-year old’s skates are sharpened and waiting their chance to break back out of the hockey bag.

Until such time, there are still ways to stay connected to the game at home. It might not be as fun as hitting the ice, but these online activities will help keep kids fit while they ride out this shutdown.

Boost hockey fitness off the ice

Kids and parents can turn to Hockey Canada’s website and Instagram page to find ways to stay active and motivated.

Adam Douglas, Hockey Canada’s lead strength & conditioning coach, has tips and tricks for staying active off-ice in his Active with Adam series. Skills that players can work on include strength, flexibility, and mental endurance.

Douglas says that sports will return eventually, and in the meantime “Stay fit, stay well and make the most of your situation.”

Hockey-themed learning at home

The Hockey Canada School Program can inspire with fun hockey-themed lessons plans. The grade K-6 curriculum engages students and enhances their knowledge of the game through activities like exploring rhythm instruments with Raffi’s song On Hockey Days, learning the history of hockey players’ equipment, and discovering science concepts while researching temperatures in an arena.

JOGA for athletes

Nope, we didn’t misspell yoga! JOGA is yoga for athletes and players of all ages and incorporates recovery, mobility, balance, and power. Players might work on hip and ankle mobility, or breathing and relaxation techniques.

You can find “Moves of the Month” and off-season training routines by downloading the Hockey Canada Network App. Free and paid subscription options are available at HockeyCanadaNetwork.com

While virtual drills and online games aren’t the same as kids being with their team and coaches in-person, they’re a good alternative until we all head back to the rink.

Stay safe, stay motivated, and stay active!

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