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Books for kids about travelling

The summer holidays are fast approaching and you might want to get your kids geared up for a trip. Whether you are planning a road trip, a stay at a cottage or a tour of a European city, here are a few books that will get your kids in the mood to travel.


Greetings from Kiwi and Pear (Blue Apple Books, $17.50)
by Joyce Wan – Ages 3-5

Kiwi and Pear are a pair of adorable little monkeys who have set off on an adventure around the world. They travel far and wide, and send readers a postcard from each place they visit. The short rhyming text written on the postcard introduces the place they are visiting. On the opposite page, there is a fold out depicting the two discovering their destination. Throughout the journey, the monkeys visit some of the most famous places in the world and see some of the greatest sights, including the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and the great animals of Kenya. As an added bonus, the book comes with a map that shows all the stops on their voyage, as well as a set of stickers in the shape of stamps that can be placed on the map. Readers can track the monkeys’ trip as they travel the world, giving kids a chance to learn some geography. This little book can be a fun companion for kids taking their first trip.

Lately Lily: Adventures of a Travelling Girl (Chronicle Books, $22.99)
by Micah Player – Ages 3-7

Lily is a spunky and sophisticated girl who is travelling the world with her parents, both of whom are travel writers. Accompanying her is her best friend Zeborah, a little zebra who resembles a stuffed toy that has come to life. Together, they explore the world and make new friends. Lily’s inquisitiveness and confidence will inspire readers to venture into the world. Even though Lily is travelling with her parents, her adventures are purely her own, as she takes notes that capture her unique observations so she can share stories with her friends. Her big eyes mirror the wide-eyed curiosity with which she sees the world, from hiding in a babushka in Russia to contemplating the Mona Lisa. The bright, deeply saturated colours of the illustrations bring to life the wonders of travelling. Lily not only enjoys the places she visits but also the experience of travelling itself, from taking the plane to packing a suitcase. The book emphasizes the unique and thrilling sensation of exploration and will encourage readers to make the most out of their trips. There is also a fun App available that features Lily on a tour of Paris, that kids can take with them on their own journey.

A Trip with Grandma (Annick Press, $6.95)
by Ruth Ohi – Ages 3-6

If this summer marks the first time your child will be going on an overnight trip without parents, then this is the perfect book to ease his or her concerns. Little Sprout is an adorable hamster, who is about to go on his first overnight trip with his grandmother and sister, but the thought of being away from his parents makes him nervous. Thankfully, Sprout has brought along his stuffed animal, which is a great comfort to him, and he knows that his parents are just a phone call away.  Gradually, he finds himself having more and more fun, and what first appeared frightening becomes less so. This hamster will hopefully help your child find the courage to take that first trip away from home and see that when fears are confronted and overcome, they can lead to great moments that would have otherwise been missed.

Not for Parents series (Lonely Planet, between $19.99 – $26.99)
– Ages 6-12

Lonely Planet is known for its excellent travel guides, and a few years ago it launched a series designed especially for budding young travellers. It initially began with a handful of city guides and an encyclopedic travel book that has a page dedicated to each country in the world. Today, the series totals more than 20 books and, in addition to these first titles, it now includes books dedicated to continents, the wonders of the world, how to be a world explorer and even how to search for dinosaurs. The books present information in a fun and easy-to-read way, focusing on the types of facts that pique the interest of children, such as strange animals, weird fruits and bizarre moments in history. The light and humorous tone of the books will draw in children and make it easy for them to retain the information they are reading. The books are great primers and will get children excited to hit the road and see the places they have read about.


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