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09 Feb, Thursday
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Montreal Families

Biodome welcomes baby lynx

Congratulations are in order to the thriving family of lynx at the Montreal Biodome. The facility recently announced that three tiny lynx kittens were born at the beginning of May.  Mother and all three babies are said to be doing well, and the lively young lynxes have been keeping their mother busy since birth. Reared solely by the female, the trio will be kept quiet and away from the public as their mother nurses, cleans, and keeps them warm.

Experienced parents

This isn’t the first birth for the 7-year-old female. In 2016, a year after arriving at the Biodome, she had a litter with her 8-year-old mate. Lynx mating generally occurs in February or March, with the young born 63 to 65 days later. After mating in late February 2022, the female was closely monitored by the animal care team, who suspected she was gestating after noticing her weight gain and a rounder abdomen.

The kittens’ gender won’t be known for a few weeks. And until they wean later this summer, the babies and their mother will be left alone under the care of their nurturing mother.

About mom and dad

The young orphan female was found in poor condition in 2015 near Chibougamau, Quebec. Injured, starving, and infested with parasites, she was restored to health thanks to the health care works and veterinary team at the Biodome. The father of the new lynx kittens was born at the facility in 2013. His parents had been saved from a fur farm in 2006 and had a number of health and behavioural problems.

While the species is not endangered in Canada, there has been a decline in the number of individuals in some ranges, particularly in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The main threats are loss of habitat, fur trapping, fluctuations in prey populations and competition from other predators such as coyotes. Since 2012, the Biodome has contributed nine lynx kitten births to the Species Survival Plan (SSP) of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to maintain the genetic health and boost the genetic diversity of the species.

Visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of the newcomers will have to wait until later this summer. Until they’re introduced to their Biodome habitat, they can be followed on Space for Life’s social media platforms. espacepourlavie.ca

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