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09 Feb, Thursday
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Beaconfield park reopens with new splash pad

Beaconsfield’s Briarwood Park has a completely rejuvenated play space as well as the welcome addition of the city’s first splash pad.

Open as of July 29, the modern layout is intended to provide easier accessibility to individuals of all ages and abilities. A short ramp leads the way into the heart of the larger play structure where an interactive and brightly-coloured sensory panel will have kids (or adults) trying to figure out the puzzle.

Musical elements are placed nearby and a woobly-wobbly sphere will engage children as they spin and turn. Warning: My 14-year-old turned a bit green after too much time spent inside, but was fine a few minutes later.

In the toddler section, an adorable play house has tons to touch and press, and youngsters can play inside, crawl through the doggy door, or admire the rainbow reflection the sunroof casts on the ground. For those who want to climb, the play structure has ladders, stairs, and a double slide for zipping back down.

And then, the swings. So many swings! Choose between the huge saucer, the tandem swing, baby and adult, and the three-point adaptive swing. While the surfacing isn’t my favourite for accessibility, the wood chips are certainly an improvement over the sand that was previously in the park. And a concrete ramp enables those with mobility devices to maneuver the curb and access the swings.

Beaconfield park reopens with new splash pad

Many residents and visitors will be happy with the new splash pad to cool off on hot summer days. With products from Pointe-Claire-based Vortex, visitors can enjoy a trio of misters, take aim with water cannons, spin the interactive ball, and dance in the ground sprays. There are also lounge chairs for those who just want to relax.

Public consulted on changes

Replacing the outdated playground equipment at this neighbourhood park has been in the works for a number of years. In October 2020, the city hosted three, in-person engagement events at the park and invited residents to propose ideas and give suggestions by email and through an online survey.

In recent years, Beaconsfield had renovated Heights, Shannon, Highridge, and Jasper Parks and added different swing and fitness equipment to a variety of spaces. Residents are currently being asked their opinion on the redevelopment of Devon Park in the city’s west end.


The park has no fencing. Depending on the time of day, there may be shade from nearby trees, or seek a cool spot under the large new shade structure that covers two picnic tables.
The park is also home to tennis courts, a basketball court, and a new ping-pong table (bring your own rackets and ball).


Address: 50 Willowbrook Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W 3P6
Parking: Spaces are available in front of the tennis courts. Drive slowly in the neighbourhood.
Splash pad hours of operation: Every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. There is one sensor to turn on the water sequence. The water will shut automatically.
Bathroom facility: The chalet is currently closed but there is a porta-potty near the tennis courts.

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