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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

Be prepared to be scared at La Ronde

Every October, La Ronde has a Fright Fest that aims to scare the wits out of visitors. This year, the theme park will be adding a permanent labyrinth-style haunted house to its roster of attractions.

And, like every good haunted house, the Maison Rouge has a history and spooky tale to accompany its high-pitched screams. Once upon a time, several friendly clowns who were part of a carnival used to stay at the Maison Rouge. But when the carnival left town, they slowly became insane in the rotting and decaying house. Now, instead of bringing joy and cheer to visitors, the deranged clowns roam the maze, terrifying guests as they try to escape.

Montreal-based company ACMÉ Services Scéniques, which has previously worked with the Cirque du Soleil and Cavalia horse show, is designing and building the funhouse, which will be completed in time for La Ronde’s opening day May 16. It is geared for kids ages 10 and up.

For those thinking about getting season passes, there is a spring promotion that runs until the end of May. Parent company Six Flags offers three different kinds of passes: the fun pass (unlimited admission to the park until mid-September), the regular season pass (unlimited admission the whole season, free visits to other Six Flags parks and free admission during Fright Fest) and the gold pass (a few extra goodies, such as early entry on certain days and a season parking pass).

The passes cost $46.99, $48.99 and $88.99 respectively for children 1.37 m (about 4’5”) or shorter and $63.99, $71.99 and $119.99 for people over that height. There is also a monthly payment plan available that breaks down the cost of season passes into seven equal payments.

For more information, visit laronde.com.

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