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27 Jan, Friday
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Ball hockey-type rinks coming to Kirkland

Excellent Ice 3-on-3, a private arena in Kirkland, began construction on two new outdoor DEK hockey rinks and the plan is to have them ready for the fall.

DEK hockey, like ball hockey, is played on foot using a ball instead of a puck; the distinction is that DEK hockey is played on a hard plastic surface. The sport has gained quite a bit of traction here in Quebec; there are a number of leagues all over the province, including Montreal and the South Shore.

The rinks measure about 31 metres by 15 metres (100 feet by 50 feet), which is a little smaller than a traditional ice rink and perfect for 3-on-3 games. What makes the DEK hockey rinks different is that the surface is made of perforated plastic allowing for water drainage, meaning games can go on rain or shine.

Brent Sabino, the manager at Excellent Ice 3-on-3, says that the idea for the new rinks came about when the owner of the arena was trying to come up with a way to best use the land around the facility. After visiting a few DEK rinks in other places, Sabino explains that it just seemed like the right fit. Another portion of land surrounding the new rinks will be turned into a park.

During the fall and winter, the rinks will remain open but will not be a component of the ice hockey courses, which begin Sept. 28.

The rinks will be open to the public for rental throughout the year. Sabino said they’re thinking of charging about $80 to $100 an hour to rent the rinks.

“For the most part people are excited,” says Sabino in terms of the sentiment surrounding the new DEK rinks. “There are a few neighbours were not sure what to expect, but in general people are happy, it’s adding something to the community.”

Sabino also says that there are plans to set up a West Island DEK hockey league for both children and adults; most likely the children’s league will be run on the weekends, while adults can play during the week.

For more information call 514-695-4398 or visit excellentice-kirkland.com

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