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09 Jun, Friday
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Montreal Families

Aquarium set to open in Montreal next year 

Apart from many restaurants and well-known retail stores, the Royalmount development project in midtown Montreal will also house an aquarium.

Slated to open sometime in 2024, the aquarium promises to offer visitors an immersive experience that exposes them to the diversity of aquatic life and inspires them to protect the ecosystems in which they are found.

Representatives of the management company, Ecorecreo Group, say the aquarium will lead by innovation, combining spectacular habitats and unique experiences for guests of all ages and abilities.

General Manager Nicolas Gosselin said the vision is to create an unforgettable journey that celebrates healthy marine and freshwater environments, while also highlighting uncompromised care and the importance of conservation action.

“Our team is focused on creating an adventure, transforming the way our guests view their relationship with nature,” he said. “We will educate the community every step of the way and inspire future generations to become advocates for our wildlife and wild places.”

The Ecorecreo Group runs six outdoor activities throughout the city, including the Aquazilla inflatable water games at Oka Park and the Voiles en Voiles, the Pirate ship adventure park in the Old Port. Gosselin said the group is committed to the well-being of the fish and will be hiring a team of professionals to help ensure they thrive.

One of those professionals will be Dr. Claire Vergneau-Grosset, a professor in Zoological Medicine at Université de Montréal, for example. She specializes in the research for the conservation of endangered species of fish and reptiles.

“I am thrilled to be forging a relationship with Aquarium de Montréal,” she said in a statement. “We share the same desire to address urgent environmental issues and the conservation of endangered species, whether here in Montreal or elsewhere on the planet.”

For more information, visit aquariumdemontreal.com.

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