Airline aims to make travel fun for kids

Air Canada's Altitude Skyriders program aims to make flying a little less stressful for kids ages 2 to 12

Flying can sometimes be an overwhelming and scary experience for young children. With a new initiative, Air Canada is hoping to make the journey a little more comfortable.

Altitude Skyriders is a club for kids between the ages of 2 and 12 who have an Aeroplan number (it is free to sign up for one online).

Once parents register their kids, the new members will receive a welcome letter and a logbook to document their travels. They also receive a luggage tag to identify themselves as club members along with activity books, headphones and puzzles.

Each time they travel, kids accumulate print-out badges to add to their logbook that indicate major cities they have visited or milestones like a child’s first flight.

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