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22 Mar, Wednesday
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Montreal Families

Academie Prescolaire Mont-Royal Bazaar

The holidays are coming early to Académie Préscolaire Mont-Royal. The kids are busy making decorations, and director Barbara Colacci and her parent elves have been hard at work organizing a bazaar to be held on Thursday, Nov. 18. Setting a great example for the kids and the community, the preschool is doing it all to raise money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Let’s meet Barbara!

ISM: The bazaar is a fundraiser for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. How long has the Académie been holding the event, and is there a goal in terms of funds raised?

Barbara: The Académie Préscolaire Mont-Royal has been open for only 2 years, and this is our first annual bazaar to benefit the Foundation. We did organize bake sales last year benefiting the same foundation, and raised about $1,500. We have the luxury of being located in a business center, and have the support of wonderful parents. We initally had a goal of $2000, but the response has been great. We now have a waiting list for vendors who want to be present, and our raffle prizes have values of up to $500. I would say our present goal is about $6,000, depending on the sale of raffle tickets.

ISM: Can you give some examples of the kinds of products being sold at the bazaar?

Barbara: We have products and services being represented: cosmetics, jewelry, purses, all-natural handmade candles, home décor, children’s books, homemade jams, musical kits and more.

ISM: Are the children at the preschool involved in the organization of the event, and are children welcome at the bazaar?

Barbara: The children are participating with a craft table, each class was asked to prepare art work to sell and they are presently very busy preparing holiday ornaments and other items. Everyone is welcome to come to the bazaar! We will provide a nice, friendly atmosphere for all.

We have also recruited parent volunteers, and two wonderful moms in particular, Lynn and Arletter, who have dedicated hours of their time
to the organization of the bazaar.

ISM: You’re a mom of two yourself. Can you suggest any weekend outings or activities that you enjoy with your children at this time of year?

Barbara: We took on ice skating as a family last year, and although my 5-year-old, Emma, is still uncertain on her skates, we find it is really enjoyable, especially being outdoors. Samuele, my 7-year-old, however, is way too confident!

Our favourite outdoor skating location is the John H. Molson Park in St. Sauveur. It has iced trails leading into the forest, going in different directions, but simple enough to follow so no one gets lost! The Park itself provides sleds for children who do not skate, as well as two chalets where you can keep warm and enjoy a snack. Parking is close by and free.

Once my children understood that winter was just around the corner, they immediately started asking when we would be going sakting in St. Sauveur.

ISM: Great to meet you Barbara!

Académie Préscolaire Pre-Holiday Bazaar
When: Nov. 18, noon to 6:30 p.m.
Where: 4480 Côte de Liesse, Suite 190
514-937-1662 or info@apmr.ca

Main image courtesy of Christina B. Castro.

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