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26 Nov, Saturday
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Montreal Families

A new centre offers family yoga

Over the years, multiple studies have shown that there are many physical and mental benefits to doing yoga, from reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety to increasing strength and flexibility. With this in mind, a new studio in Montreal is offering classes to children (with their parents) so they can benefit from yoga beginning at an early age.

Naada Family Yoga offers classes for parents and kids, including prenatal classes, classes for teens, and a family program where parents and kids ages 3 and up can take classes together. Alba Gil, who runs the family program, says the classes don’t function like a typical yoga session; play is the main component and there is much less structure. They also include storytelling, games, and other creative self expression. And for kids who are shy or who don’t want to participate, there’s no pressure. “Everyone learns in different ways, and we like to encourage that in class,” she says.

Gil created the family program because she felt there was a need for yoga classes that could include parents and their children. Gil says that not only is yoga a great physical activity, but it can also be used as a life skill and as a tool for self-regulation and awareness.

The centre offers many other types of classes, including Girl Power Yoga, which focuses on body image and self esteem, pre- and post-natal classes for parents and babies, and ones for kids and teens that are offered at the same time as adult classes to give parents a chance to take a class alone. Additionally, Naada Yoga offers workshops on different topics such as teen mindfulness, massages for babies, and childbirth.

Located on Casgrain Ave., in Montreal, classes typically range from 45 minutes to and hour and a half. Family yoga classes are held on Saturday and Sunday and are 45 minutes.

Drop-in classes are $20; the fee includes one parent and one child. Discounts are available upon purchase of multiple classes.

For more information, visit naadayogafamily.ca.

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