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27 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

A forest adventure in St. Sauveur

For a summer activity that’s out of the ordinary, discover the new Sentiers ludiques (playful trails) that wind their way through the forest in St.Sauveur.

Ideal for children aged 7 to 12 and their families, the trails offer a unique team-building experience where you’re a part of the adventurous story. Follow the paths, play mini-games, and decode puzzles to help solve a mystery.

Visitors can choose between two trails:

The legend of the sacred crystals

Several hundred years ago, the forest was inhabited by tiny magical beings called the Crystals. Nature lovers, they took care to protect the plants, forests, and animals around them. But, they were forced to flee to new lands when their beloved forests were cleared and villages were built. A few brave Crystalidians stayed in St. Sauveur, and have been trying to survive. Your mission? Help track down the five sacred crystals, which will protect the Crystalidians and allow them to take back possession of the forest.
Duration: approximately one hour.

The last dragon feather

In the middle of the clearing is the Great Book of People. It contains the history of everyone who has been on Earth since its beginning. Among the beings mentioned are fairies, mermaids, gnomes, elves, men, women, centaurs, and animals. But a chapter seems to have been torn from the book; the one that deals with the Dragon-Bird, an unknown dragon species whose body was entirely covered with feathers. Help find the different parts of the Dragon-Bird and return the chapter to its place in the book.
Duration: approximately one hour.

Adventure awaits!

“Do you like telling stories to your children? The Sentiers ludiques make you experience one! Each path has you living a story and will make you move, think, laugh, and observe as a family in order to succeed in your quest. Everything takes place in the middle of the forest, in a magical setting,” says Ève Gaudette, project and marketing manager for Les Sentiers Ludiques.

The legend of the sacred crystals and The last dragon feather are open weekends only starting June 5, 2021, and go until September 30, 2021. The puzzles and riddles are in French only.

Before you go

Reservations must be made online at sentiersludiques.com/reservation/
Arrive 10 minutes before your reserved time and be ready to play as each group leaves in 10-minute intervals. For the moment, reservations are only open until August 15.

The starting point for your adventure is Parc John-H. Molson, Viviane St., St. Sauveur

$34.95 per family pass (plus taxes) Participants must come from the same family. If you are accompanied by a 2nd family from another address, you must book 2 family passes.
Permanent residents of St. Sauveur have free access. See the website for full details and restrictions.

A downloadable web application will guide you through all the activities and allow you to quickly check answers on your smartphone. To play the game properly you will need to make sure that you have mobile data and also bring along a spoon and a tennis ball or baseball.

The two trails are accessible to strollers as well as people with reduced mobility.  Since you’ll be in the woods, make sure to bring along water, insect repellant, and snacks of course. If you want to stick around afterwards, the park where the trails start has a skatepark and a refreshing splash pad, toilets, and lots of space to picnic. It is also close to the town centre where you can find ice cream shops, bakeries, and cafés.

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