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Montreal Families

A camp for music lovers of all generations

Along the shores of Lake MacDonald in the Laurentians sits the CAMMAC Music Centre, which hosts intergenerational music camps for aficionados of every level. There are weekly camps throughout the year and, from  Feb. 28 to March 4, it hosts a grandparents/grandchildren week for spring break.

“CAMMAC gives people an oasis to create music and meet others who are like-minded,” said the centre’s artistic director and vocal teacher Patricia Abbott.

During the summer, campers ages 4 and up can register for individual sessions, each week catering to a specific theme or genre, such as chamber music, melodies of Mozart or Broadway and blues.

Campers are either divided into groups according to their skill level or according to their age and can choose to play different instruments every week they attend. They must bring their own instruments with the exception of harps, viola da gambas and recorders, which can be rented at the centre.

Along with music lessons, CAMMAC offers a spectrum of other activities during the day like yoga, dance and origami. Treasure hunts and outdoor activities are also offered.

Rates for the sessions vary according to age, accommodations and meal plans. It is located at 85 CAMMAC Rd., in Harrington.

For more information, call 1-888-622-8755 or visit cammac.ca/en.

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