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6 podcasts for parents of special needs kids

Finding reliable sources of information when looking for parenting support and advice can be difficult, especially when you have a child with special needs.

We’ve compiled parenting podcasts that feature compelling conversations on a diverse range of topics. From navigating the educational system and emotional support to insight on best-practice strategies and skill-building tools, here are six parenting podcasts that are worth the listen:

6 podcasts for parents of special needs kids

The episodes on this Canadian podcast focus on special education and student needs. Host Delphine Rule uses her expertise as a teacher, special education inclusion consultant, vice principal, and personal experience with dyslexia. Episodes cover topics related to autism, dyslexia, and processing disorders. Rule speaks with parents as well as experts such as ​​early childhood educator and development specialist Allana Robinson, and psychologist Melissa Cait of Cornerstone Psychological Services.

For more information, visit access2education.com/podcast

6 podcasts for parents of special needs kids
Just Needs – Parenting children with disabilities

Though based in the US, this podcast from the non-profit organization Exceptional Lives shares universal information, advocacy and skill-building tools for families and providers caring for children with disabilities. Exceptional Lives was developed out of the personal experiences of their co-founder, who after receiving a diagnosis for her son, was sent on her way with a book and instructions to “go and figure it out” on her own. Topics include the confusion and fear that come with a new diagnosis.

For more information, visit exceptionallives.org/justneedspodcast

6 podcasts for parents of special needs kids
Parenting Special Needs

A regular podcast from free multi-media Parenting Special Needs Magazine, host and publisher/creator Chantai Snellgrove shares practical tips and life lessons. She also breaks down the challenges and celebrates the joys of the special needs community. Pertinent and up-to-date information aims to leave listeners feeling empowered and educated. Topics covered include how to create a sensory space in your home, dealing with decision fatigue, siblings and their feelings, health issues, and interviews with experts such as author and advocate Temple Grandin and art therapist Raquel Farrell-Kirk. “Together, we learn from others who have been on this path before us,”  Snellgrove says.

For more information, visit parentingspecialneeds.org/advice/podcast

Too Peas in a Podcast

Hosts and “Australian of the year” nominees Mandy Hose and Kate Jones share their laughter and tears as they chat about the reality of parenting multiples with disabilities. They talk with parents, interview Special Olympic athletes and their families, chat about work experience, and share listeners’ experiences of exclusion, and their joyful stories of kindness and inclusion.

For more information, visit Toopeasinapodcast.com.au

TiLT Parenting

Tilt founder, activist, and speaker Debbie Reber doesn’t consider being “differently wired” a deficit — just different. Reber uses her experience raising an atypical child to create inspiring content and share information and conversations with educators, other parents, and authors. Easily explore episodes by topic to hear talks about subjects such as auditory processing disorders, dyscalculia, slow processing speed, the neurodivergent transition to adulthood, understanding & combatting negative stigmas, and hundreds more.

For more information, visit tiltparenting.com/podcast-about-children-with-learning-disabilities

ASD Engage

The podcast from the experts at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital supports parents and families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Psychologist Dr. Heidi Kiefer and psychometrists Shawn Brumby and Maureen Mosleh engage with professionals, families and children to bring ASD stories to life.

For more information, visit hollandbloorview.ca/our-services/hb-podcasts/asd-engage

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