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15 great toys and gadgets for kids to enjoy this spring

Spring is a season of renewal and new beginnings, which can make it a great time to try out new hobbies and activities. Whether you’re a child or an adult, there are plenty of fun toys and gadgets to explore during this time of year. Check out some of our favourites below.

15 great toys and gadgets for kids to enjoy this spring

Fisher-Price Hot Wheels Tough Trike

Ages 12 months and up, $52.99. Available at Walmart and Amazon
New riders can have “off-road” adventures on this kid-powered tricycle. Ride to the park, around the driveway, or try it across the yard. With a sturdy wheelbase, large pedals, and rugged wheels, even the youngest racers can start cruising. Bright colours and graphics make this trike stand out, and a secret seat compartment is roomy enough to hold a snack and drink for a break after a race. Max. weight 55 lb/25 kg.

Hatley Block Whales Slide on Sandals

Ages toddler and up, $28.00. Available at Hatley.com
That’s right, it’s almost sandals time! Get the kids out the door fast with these easy-to-slip-on warm-weather sandals. Great for the backyard, around the pool, and for camping and beach trips. Also available in shark, dinosaur, and other designs.

Playmobil Bakery Sand Bucket

Ages 18 months and up, $29.99, available at playmobil.ca
Bring this bucket set along to the playground, beach, or just in the backyard. Young bakers can decorate their sand cakes and add a personal touch using the various stamps and create masterpieces with the included sieve, dough spoon, cake server and two sand cups. Great for imaginative and sensory play. For a similar product, check out the Playmobil Spring Flower Bucket for $21.99, also available at playmobil.ca.

Radio Flyer Little Red Toy

Ages 18 months and up, $40.11. Available on Amazon.ca
This mini version of the original is great for bringing toys to the park, stuffies around the yard, or even a mini stand to sell snacks to parents. Small enough for little arms to pull, the wagon features a real steel stamped body, front wheel steering handle, and moulded wheels.

15 great toys and gadgets for kids to enjoy this spring

Step2 Cascading Cove Sand & Water Table

Ages 2 and up, $149.99. Available at Toys R Us
This all-in-one table provides will give hours of outdoor fun and can be set up in a yard, patio, or balcony. Fill the two sides with water and sand, or try something new and use ice cubes, shaving cream, beans, or rice for some great sensory play.
Also included are a removable umbrella and lid, two bridges, two boats, a shovel and a plastic cup. Holds 10 lbs (4.5 Kg) of sand and three gallons (11.4 L) of water.

Gazillion Bubbles Burstin’ Bubble Cloud

Ages 3 and up, $44.98. Available at Walmart
With warmer temperatures, it’s time to head outdoors and play with bubbles. But not just any bubbles, a gazillion of them! Fill the machine with Gazillion Bubbles’ top secret “super solution”, press start, and get ready to dance and run through a cloud of floating cloud bubbles. Innovative technology creates safe, non-toxic cloud bubbles made from water vapour. And if you want to experience regular bubbles, simply switch the setting and you can have that too. Great for parties and active outdoor play.

Mastermind Toys Rainbow Delta Kite

Ages 4 and up, $19.99. Available at Mastermind Toys
Kites are a classic springtime toy that can provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. This Delta kite design is easy to assemble and fly so it’s perfect for beginners.

Outbound Kids’ Portable Food Truck Play Tent

Ages 5 and up, $62.99. Available at Canadian Tire
Great for outdoor play, a night outdoors in the yard, and fun daytime activities. This tent is roomy enough for two kids and can be used as a pretend food truck. Parents, bring money. Features a side service window just like a real food truck, and collapses into a carry bag for storage and transport.

Aerobie Pro Blade Purple

Ages 5 and up, $14.99. Available at Mastermind Toys
Small enough to pack for a trip to the park or beach, the Pro Blade is designed with self-levelling technology that will give even newbies a perfect toss. Great for both right and left-handed throwers.

Mookie 5-in-1 Multiplay Swingball Set

Ages 6 and up, $89.99. Available at Mastermind Toys
One of our family’s favourite toys, the 5-in-1 Swingball set can be played with alone or in pairs. The set transforms into three modes with five ways to play and has everything you need to keep entertained year-round. The base allows three different modes of play, including volleyball and tail ball battles, swingball and soccer swingball. 5-in-1 Swingball includes tail ball tennis and a flying disc. Simply fill the base with sand or water to make it secure and you’re ready to play.

15 great toys and gadgets for kids to enjoy this spring

Big Fat Yarn

Ages 6 and up, $32.97. Available at Walmart
No more boredom on rainy days or long car rides! This craft kit features a new way to knit that’s perfect for kids, teens and adults. No tools are required and each kit comes with colourful bundles of super soft yarn and multiple project options. When one project is completed, it can be easily unwrapped to make something new. Includes one bundle each of pink, teal, and yellow yarn, plush inserts, and felt seeds to let knitters create two distinct designs – a watermelon plush, and a round plush. Once completed, knitters can take on more Big Fat Yarn projects with the Fantasy Animal Kit, Mini Hair Kit, and Accessory Kit.

Rubik’s Phantom

Ages 8 and up, $29.99. Available at Toys R Us
Rubik’s Phantom introduces innovative thermochromic technology and brings a new level of fun and challenge to the world’s most popular puzzle. What looks like a blank cube reveals its true colours once activated by touch, only to disappear again after a few seconds. Although the puzzle itself is the same, players are visually challenged to follow the colours before they start to disappear again.

RW Wave Junior Roller Skates

Various kid’s sizes, $119. Available Low Life Skate Shop
Proof that everything old is new again, roller skating has surged in popularity over the last couple of years. The RW Wave Junior is designed for recreational use, giving users a comfortable ride at an affordable price.

UNO Splash Card Game

Ages 7 and up, $46.99. Available at Walmart
Now you can play UNO anywhere — even outdoors. The rugged plastic cards resist water and come with a clip to keep all the cards together, so bring these along to the beach, camping, or to the backyard. Play by matching colour or number or play an action card against your opponent. Score points by being the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Just make that when you have only one card left that you yell out “UNO!” Contains 108 cards.

15 great toys and gadgets for kids to enjoy this spring

First Push 7.0 Complete Skateboard

Ages 8 and up. $93.95, Available at Empire
Made by the company Blind, this skateboard is specifically scaled for younger, smaller kids and comes with everything you need to skate, save for safety equipment of course. Try out one of the amazing skateparks around Montreal, which will be thawing out just in time for early spring skating.

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