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Montreal Families

10-year-old creates obstacle run for kids

In the winter, Danielle Pugsley sometimes writes lists of things she would like to do when the weather gets warmer. Last summer, the 10-year-old had a lemonade stand and donated the money to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. But this year, she set her sights higher. After chatting with family and friends, Danielle, who goes to St. John Fisher elementary school, decided to organize a one-kilometre obstacle course for kids designed by kids.

Dubbed OBSTAFUN, the event is intended to give back to the community in a fresh and fun way. At first, it was going to be a small event for Danielle and her friends, but as the idea grew and more people were interested, they decided to open up registration to the public to raise money for West Island Community Shares, an organization that raises money for West Island charities that help children dealing with hunger, poverty, depression, and more.

The cost is $20 (a minimum of $15 will be donated to Community Shares). The course will feature 15 different obstacles including a maze, a pit stop (tire climb), and an over the mountain zone, where children jump over small hills.

Local companies are supplying the materials and even some manpower to help set up the obstacles. For example, Bo-Pelouse, a snow removal company, will lend some equipment and ask employees to help build the obstacles. Tenaquip is giving orange cones and 1,000 feet of tape for the giant maze. Pneu Unik is giving old tires for the tire pit and Home Depot Pointe-Claire is giving gift cards for any other equipment needed.

Sophie McCann, Danielle’s mother and event organizer, says the support for the event has been incredible and is all thanks to her daughter’s hard work. “The event is becoming a lot bigger than anyone anticipated,” McCann says. “I think watching her older siblings do community work for school [and] participating in school activities that fundraise for charities has inspired her to find ways to give back to her community.”

The OBSTAFUN course is for ages 3 to 13 and will take place between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Aug. 6 at Cedar Park Heights in Pointe-Claire.

To register and find more information about the event, visit obstafun.ca.

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