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04 Feb, Saturday
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10 ways to welcome new kids at school

Our family moved around a lot when I was young and I often found myself being the new kid at school. It was always a struggle; I felt alone, nervous, and scared. This experience has encouraged me to teach my children 10 ways they can help kids who are starting the academic year in a new school.

Look for them, not past them

Think about how they may feel and what you can do to make their transition easier. These kids are easy to spot; they are likely alone, looking down, and a bit lost.

Say hi

Ask where they are from, if they live in the neighbourhood or if they have any siblings.

Sit with them at lunch

Take a seat beside them or invite them to sit with you and your group of friends.

Invite the new student to hang out after school

The more opportunities new students have to meet others, the quicker they will integrate.

Introduce them to your friends

To help make new kids feel included, make introductions to your own friends to expand their social circle.

Compliment them

Maybe they have a cool backpack or are wearing a sports team jersey from your favourite team. One time when I was the new kid, a girl told me she liked my watch band. It was a small comment, but it made me smile and feel good.

Tell the new kid about clubs, sports, or other activities at school

One year I was invited to join the basketball team and gained a whole team of friends.

Sit with them on the bus or chat with them at pick-up time

Even if it’s just for a day or two.

Help the new student become familiar with school surroundings

Show them the way to places like the gym and the cafeteria.

Be inclusive in class group work

It can be very embarrassing if the teacher asks kids to pair up and the new kid is left standing alone.

Katy M. Clark is a writer who embraces her imperfections as a mom on her blog, ExperiencedBadMom.com.

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