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10 awesome (and free) outdoor skateparks around Montreal

Skateboarding is a fantastic sport that can provide hours of fun physical activity for kids. Luckily for us, Montreal offers some top-notch options for all skaters to enjoy — no matter their age or skill level. Don’t know where to start? Here are some notable skateparks in and around Montreal that kids might enjoy.

10 awesome (and free) outdoor skateparks around Montreal

Parc Honoré-Mercier. Credit: Arrondissement de Mercier – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Parc Honoré-Mercier Skatepark, Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Notre-Dame St. E./ Liébert Rd., Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Inaugurated on October 15, 2022, the large-scale project was in the works since 2019. A committee of residents, neighbourhood organisations, the Association Skateboard Montréal, and borough teams collaborated to provide the Mercier-Est area with a skatepark that would be suitable for both for beginners and intermediate skaters — fulfilling a sporting and social need.

With a price tag of $2 million, the skatepark consists of concrete modules and a scooter track, street furnishings, natural stone bleachers and grassy areas, picnic tables, and a misting system to cool off after a hard ride. Located on the banks of the river close to Promenade Bellerive Park, Honoré-Mercier Park also features a play area for children aged 2 to 5 and 5 to 12, as well as a ball field, and tons of space to play or picnic.

10 awesome (and free) outdoor skateparks around Montreal

Parc Ahuntsic. Credit: Ville de Montréal

Park Ahuntsic Skatepark, Ahuntsic-Cartierville

10555 rue Lajeunesse, Ahuntsic-Cartierville

Opened just before last winter, this is a great skate park for both beginner to advanced skill levels and is attracting a lot of attention. This huge project is the result of an ad hoc committee set up in 2019, made up of residents, local youth, representatives of neighbourhood organizations, the Association Skateboard Montréal, borough staff and Olympian skateboarder Annie Guglia. The result is a space that meets the needs of both beginners and experienced skateboarders, in-line skaters, scooters, and BMX riders. The $2.3 million project has almost 1,800 square metres of reinforced concrete and new modules, rest areas, and furniture installed along the length of the facility.

This summer, skatepark instructors from Le Taz are offering introduction to skateboarding and scootering sessions every Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (from June 10 to September 2, with the exception of June 24). On the first Saturdays of the month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (July 1, August 5, and September) 2 there is an introduction to skateboarding and creative workshops with Vans. And if you hold a library card, from June 4 you can borrow skateboards, scooters and protective equipment free of charge from the Ahuntsic library.

Ahuntsic Park is huge, so make a day of it with a picnic near the lake, and a visit to the beautiful and inclusive playground that’s great for all ages. Kids can also cool off in the splash pad.

Parc Père-Marquette. Credit- Arrondissement de Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie

Parc du Père-Marquette Skatepark, Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie

1602 de Bellechasse St., Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie

Inaugurated in June 2018, this skatepark is located near Rosemont Blvd., and Père-Marquette high school, and is part of the large Parc du Père-Marquette. The skate park covers 1,300 square metres — 500 square metres more than the previous area — and includes approximately 30 modules for various ages and skills. There’s a mini ramp with a corner bowl, a bank to ledge, a bank to wall, ledges, rails and boxes, as well as a module unique that’s to this project: the “sushi dipping bowl.”

Borough’s professionals worked with a committee of skateboarding enthusiasts to ensure that they met the specific requirements of the sport. Through a survey, the committee gathered more than 800 comments and suggestions from skateboarders on what the ideal skate park should contain. From June 26 to September 11, 2023, girls aged 8 to 21 are invited to visit the skatepark on Tuesdays to Fridays, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., to practice for free with an instructor. Equipment is available for loan, but quantities are limited. Visit centreperemarquette.ca for more information.

After you’re done shredding, head to the southern part of the park where there’s an immense splash pad and a unique natural-themed playground.

Vans Skatepark. Credit: Ryan Lebel

Vans Skatepark, Olympic Park, Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Near Sherbrooke Street East and Pie-IX Blvd. Underground parking is at P4 (4200 rue Sherbrooke E.)
The skatepark lies underneath the shadow of the Olympic Stadium’s massive tower and boasts great views. Built in two phases, the skatepark boasts a pro-level 900 square metre concrete bowl that was originally built for the Vans Park Series in 2019 and a huge 10,000 square metre street course with a diverse range of obstacles for skateboarders of all skill levels.

The skatepark was designed by Vans in collaboration with the design and build firm, California Skateparks, and offers Montreal locals an international quality facility. The park is open for free, seven days a week, sunrise to sundown.
For more information on the Vans Skatepark visit parcolympique.qc.ca/en/activity/skateboard-park-vans

Arthur-Therrien Skatepark. Credit Arrondissement de Verdun

Parc Arthur-Therrien Skatepark, Verdun

3750 Gaétan-Laberge Blvd., Verdun. At the corner of Hickson.

The skateboarding area at Arthur-Therrien Park welcomes skateboarders, skaters, scooters, and BMX enthusiasts. Located near the banks of the river and Verdun Beach, the facility is based on ideas of local youth and a team from the borough, and was developed by Dan Vézina, designer of a number of skateparks, including Le TAZ in the Saint-Michel district.

The design is inspired the video game 720° by Atari from the 1980s, and based on an urban model, with streets lined with pavements, lampposts, a decorative fire hydrant and staircases. Originally renovated in 2015, a medium-sized bowl (24 metres x 18 metres) was added in 2021 where skateboarders of all ages and abilities can indulge their passion.

Pointe-Claire Skatepark. Credit: Christine Latreille

Pointe-Claire Skatepark, Pointe-Claire

94 Douglas-Shand Ave., Pointe-Claire

Just a few years old, the skatepark features a variety of elements that are easy enough for beginners and challenging for experienced skateboarders. The 12,000-square foot facility includes street furniture, a bowl, a capsule, a mini-ramp, and a wave. There’s a steady mix of new-to-skating young kids, toddlers wandering around on scooters, and older kids shredding it in the bowl. Skateboards, bicycles, scooters, and wheelchair users are all welcome. Helmets are mandatory.

Danyluk Park. Credit Town of Mount Royal

Parc Danyluk Skatepark, Town of Mont-Royal

60 Roosevelt Avenue, Mont-Royal, H3R 1Z4

Open less than a year, the new skatepark is a collaboration between New Line Skateparks and BC2 who developed the space to replace the old modular equipment at the park which dated back to 2001. The modern facility features concrete obstacles and ledges, banks, and rails, and can be used by skateboarders, BMX riders, and mountain bike users. Safety equipment is mandatory.

Parc Delorme. Credit: Arrondissement de Saint-Léonard

Parc Delorme Skatepark, Saint-Léonard

6060 de Honfleur St., Saint-Léonard, H1P 1N5

Opened in 2020, this plaza-type skatepark in Montreal is a versatile facility designed for various action sports, including skateboarding, inline skating, scootering, and BMX. It offers a concrete layout and is one of the few skateparks in the city that accommodates multiple disciplines. The skatepark spans an area of 1,250 square metres, providing ample space for riders to explore and perform tricks. Twenty-six elements are strategically placed to offer a variety of challenges and opportunities for riders of all abilities.

Brossard Planchodrome. Credit: Christine Latreille

Brossard Planchodrome, Brossard

3105 de Rome Blvd., Brossard, (near the Aquatic Complex)

Opened on May 27, 2020, the skatepark designed and built by Spin Skatepark is home to a variety of ramps, banks, ledges, rails, and mini ramps that came together through the contribution of a diverse working group. The progressive modules are suitable for both beginners and experts, and can be used by skaters and skateboarders, scooters and BMX riders. Wearing a protective helmet and elbow and knee pads are mandatory at this park.

10 awesome (and free) outdoor skateparks around Montreal

Parc Paul-Gérin-Lajoie. Credit: Ville de Vaudreuil-Dorion

Parc Paul-Gérin-Lajoie Skatepark 

145 Harwood Blvd., Vaudreuil-Dorion

This park has a beautiful view of the water and is located right next to beach volleyball courts — in case you still have energy left! The skate plaza covers an area of 1,200 square metres and features stairs, low walls, metal rails, two jumping tables, and plenty of flat spaces for beginners. The skatepark is open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. and has lights so you can go all night. Teens 12-17 can check out the “Bunker” from the Maison des jeunes à Vaudreuil Dorion that’s located right beside the skatepark and hosts all kinds of events throughout the summer.

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