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What do you truly want your children to learn? Vaudrin Academy not only thinks about it, we research it and fine-tune it regularly.

Harvard specialists say that the preschool years are when children are best able to develop empathy, altruism, cooperation, negotiation and leadership skills and learn moral behaviour and how to socialize. Caretakers, who can greatly affect change, must be mindful of their words and actions during interactions with your little ones.

Vaudrin’s specialty is our deep knowledge of how the brain develops, the optimal conditions for its full growth, and lifelong implications. For example, our children are exposed to English, French, and Spanish. It is convenient to be trilingual, but learning and conversing in other languages also helps maintain a healthy brain in old age.

Montessori and current research recognize the importance of helping children progressively develop a strong foundation for future learning experiences. Would you ever consider removing the training wheels from your child’s bicycle before he is ready? So why is it acceptable to force underdeveloped hands to write perfectly? And we wonder why childhood anxiety is growing at an alarming rate.

Every minute with your children is an opportunity to encourage them and model how to be likeable, confident, resilient, flexible, organized, socially engaged, of strong moral character and passionate about learning. Our goal is to prepare children to lead happy, healthy and full lives. If you have similar goals for your child, we’d love to hear from you.

About Vaudrin Academy Montessori Preschool

1255 Émile-Bouchard
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
J7V 0B7

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