Cut your own Christmas tree: a great family tradition

Christmas always has been my favourite time of the year. Some of my fondest childhood memories growing up in Dublin involve singing carols with my sister and brother, sharing a big family feast and, of course, decorating the tree.

Now that I’m all grown up with two children of my own and living in Hudson, we’ve started to create our own traditions around the holidays. One of my favourite was introduced to me by my husband Andrew when the kids were very young. One day in early December, he emerged from the basement with hack saws in hand and said it was time to go get a Christmas tree.  And thus began the annual ceremonial cutting down of the "perfect" Christmas tree.

But wielding hack saws with little children in tow is not without its stresses, although it is getting easier now that my “babies” are older. We have some great shots of us all knee deep in pristine snow, hack saws in hand, chopping away and smiling our collective faces off.

Then there was the year when the wind was so bitter on the horse-drawn ride out to the forest that I’m sure at least two of us had frost bite. There have also been the non-white Christmas outings that don’t feel quite as festive — but a little thermos of hot chocolate manages to keep the kids happy and enthusiastic.  

Between the goodies for sale at the various mom-and-pop setups, the horse-drawn ride to the tree lot and the challenge of finding that "perfect" tree (which we always pull off, of course), I can’t think of a better way to launch the holiday season and embrace the spirit of Christmas. Happy chopping!

Places to cut your own tree

La Ferme Quinn
2495 Perrot Blvd. S.
Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot

Hadley Christmas Tree
1600 ch. Vide Sac

Plantation Bernier
297 Brome Rd. RR #1
Lac Brome

Plantation JLS
5 St. Francois Rd.
Ste. Angèle de Monnoir

Sapinière les Sapins de Noël
2640 Montée Bullock  (Route 225)

Article updated October, 2018

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