Consignment store offers money-saving option on kids’ clothes and toys

Boomerang Kids sells new and gently used kids' clothes, toys and accessories at a fraction of their retail price

Boomerang Kids

Between buying toys, diapers and strollers, raising a child can cost an arm and a leg. But a Canadian resale franchise aims to make the process a little bit easier on your wallet–and the environment.

Since 1994, Boomerang Kids has been selling new and gently used children’s clothes, toys, equipment, accessories and maternity items. The store operates on consignment, meaning customers bring in items and receive cash or a store credit of between 40 and 50 per cent of the sale price if they are sold.

Items are initially priced at 30 to 40 per cent of the retail value, depending on the brand and current condition of the item. The stores carry clothes from brands like Gap, Souris Mini and Thyme Maternity, along with toys from Mega Blocks, Lego and Baby Einstein. 

“We want to offer parents a less expensive alternative, since raising kids can be costly as is,” says franchisor Amanda Lauzon.

There are certain items the store does not accept, however, due to safety and hygiene reasons, including car seats, socks, underwear and pacifiers. If after two months your items are not sold, Lauzon says they donate them to local shelters and non-profit organizations instead of throwing them out.

In 2013, the franchise added an online shopping option. Each location has different items in stock, so when you add an item to your virtual cart, you will then only be able to search other items from that specific location. They offer in-store pickup or home delivery for eight locations, five in the Ottawa area and three in Quebec, including Anjou, Gatineau and St. Hubert.

Boomerang Kids also offers free weekly fitness classes and activities at some of their locations. For more information, visit 

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