New science-inspired shows at the Planetarium

Kids can watch two films and take part in interactive multimedia shows this spring

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This spring, several intergalactic shows, activities and films await kids at the Planetarium.

Beginning Feb. 27, young space enthusiasts between the ages of 4 and 8 can sit back and watch two ‘out-of-this-world’ films. Kids will learn about the universe in the short film The Blind Man with the Starry Eyes, about a greedy ruler who seeks out a wise old blind man for advice on how to conquer more land.

Visitors can also enjoy a 40-minute musical multimedia show, Aboard SSE-4801 (pictured at top). Science educators will lead kids on a virtual reality tour of the solar system to learn more about the different planets and the moon. Both of these run until June 21.

For kids over 7, there are two more events beginning March 5. In the 25-minute educational film Space Next, viewers will learn about the history of space exploration, and discover what else the future holds in this field. The film is told from the fictional perspective of someone born on a different planet. The film is followed by EXO, an interactive and 360-degree multimedia show about humankind’s fascination with extraterrestrial life. Both of these run until April 15.

The annual Butterflies Go Free exhibit (pictured right - credit: Michel Tremblay) is also in full swing at the neighbouring Botanical Gardens. Until April 29, thousands of monarchs and other butterflies will soar through the air at the Main Exhibition Greenhouse. At the Insectarium, kids can take part in workshops with nature educators who will show visitors how to create a butterfly environment at home. 

The Planetarium is located at 4801 Pierre de Coubertin Ave.

For more information on all the activities, visit

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