Rent or share rarely used household goods

SharingKit was started by environmentally conscious Montrealer Gabriel Saba, who saw a market for this free, online platform

Gabriel Saba

SharingKit is a new, free online platform where users from in and around the city post items they have available to share or rent. They create an account and upload photos of the items with a description. Visitors peruse the site and contact the owner directly.

Started by Montrealer Gabriel Saba, the website includes a multitude of different things people might need for specific occasions, such as folding chairs, gardening tools, hockey skates and baby strollers. Many are items people purchased and only used once or twice, said Saba. For example, a wood saw that would normally set you back close to $100 if purchased new would only cost $3 a day to rent through SharingKit. Some items can even be lent out free.

Saba, who has an MBA from McGill University, said he thinks SharingKit can help build a sense of community where you help out your neighbours. Another premise is to promote a more socially and environmentally conscious way of consumption. “We are consuming way more than the Earth can handle. The more the population grows, the more stress we put on our resources,” he said.

With many hearing about it through word of mouth, the website now has over 1,000 users and over 200 items listed.

For more information, visit

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