Butterflies are back at the Botanical Garden

Butterflies Go Free is an annual tradition where hundreds of butterflies flit around visitors at the Main Exhibition Greenhouse

Photo by Andre Sarrazin

Need a break from wintry weather? Let beautiful butterflies, fragrant flowers and blessed heat lift your spirits at the Botanical Gardens’ annual Butterflies Go Free event.

From February 23 to April 30, enjoy a soothing walk through the Main Exhibition Greenhouse while hundreds of brightly coloured butterflies flutter around you. A “relaxation zone” is available at the centre of the greenhouse where you can breathe deep and imagine you are already enjoying the warm summer days to come.

Nature interpreters will be on hand to answer any questions about butterflies, caterpillars, metamorphosis and other related topics.

Note: the Botanical Garden is located at 4101Sherbrooke St. E., in Montreal. It is closed on Mondays until May 14, except for March 6 and April 17. On all other days, it is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission includes access to the Insectarium, outdoor gardens and greenhouses, and ranges from $10.25 for children to $20.25 for adults, with discounts for Quebec residents. The family rate is $56 or $44.25 for Quebec residents.

For more information, call 514 872-1400 or visit the website.

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