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MoreBack To School

Come to the 2018 Montreal Education Fair

Many parents understandably fret over where to send their kids to school. If you are one of them, this event is not to be missed - Sunday, Sept. 23

4 ways to reduce the morning chaos

Discover how to reduce the stress of getting everyone up, fed, dressed and ready for the day

How to prepare balanced school lunches

A Montreal dietician and mother shares her tips on packing a healthy, well-balanced school lunch that kids will eat.

How to deal with back-to-school butterflies

15 ways to help children of all ages calm the jitters

Have you had your child’s eyesight tested?

With Medicare, kids under the age of 18 are entitled to a free annual eye exam

Easy school lunch ideas

These websites offer creative ideas for preparing multiple lunches in advance
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MorePreschool and Kindergarten

Preschool offers academic program for toddlers

Parents can learn more about this preschool at an open house on April 14

New preschool focuses on outdoors to spark learning

Forest kindergartens started in Scandinavia and focus on discovery of the natural world

Schools encouraged to relax rules on lice

The Quebec Ministry of Health recommendations state that kids being treated for head lice should not be prevented from attending school
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MoreElementary School

Why it is crucial to teach kids to code

Teaching young people the language of computers is a trend that is rapidly growing in popularity.

West Island school board lauded for digital citizenship program

The Lester B Pearson School program gets top marks from the authors of a book about successful initiatives at Canadian schools

English school board launches healthy eating program

Students from a very young age will be taught the basics of nutrition and the four essential food groups
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MoreHigh School

Centennial Academy launches teen coding camp

At this new camp, teenagers can create their own mobile game or app

Beehive program a sweet way to learn about science & entrepreneurship

A Montreal company that specializes in beehive installation and maintenance is offering students a chance to get hands-on experience

Beurling Academy students raise their level of French

Thirty students took an international test that measures how well students understand and communicate, not just their ability to memorize grammar and verb conjugation
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MoreAnti-Bullying Information

Martial arts camp teaches kids bullying prevention

Super Ninja Camp will offer field trips, swimming and other activities but also teach kids values like discipline and respect

Bikers offer support for abused children

Bikers Against Child Abuse is an organization that recruits motorcyclists to support kids

Wear a pink shirt to show solidarity against bullying

The Boys & Girls Club of Dawson Community Centre will be selling T-shirts and hosting a series of workshops to raise awareness about bullying
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MoreEducational Apps & Website Reviews

Website highlights resources for improving French

Accent Quebec offers French cultural and educational resources for teachers, students and parents

Nature app helps pique interest in the great outdoors

Kids will be able to recognize and learn more about the diverse flora and fauna that surrounds us, while contributing data that can be useful for conservationists

Dad creates app to force his son to respond to text messages

The App, ReplyASAP, freezes all activity on a cell phone until a child responds to his or her parent's message
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Education - Sponsored Content

Montreal Families 2011 Education Fair

Montreal Families 2011 Education Fair

Montreal Families 2011 Education Fair

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MoreBook Reviews

Books that celebrate Canada and the U.S.

With July being the month when both Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day are celebrated, why not share some books that highlight best aspects of our countries.

Awaken the activist spirit in your child

These books will explain the ways children can fight for change and make a difference in the world

Four ways to celebrate books with your kids

There are several ways to help your kids develop a love of reading: bring them to a library, treat them to a new book or rediscover old classics
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