Special Needs Directory

Parents with children who have special needs are constantly looking for local resources and information to help in their everyday lives.

Below is a list of hundreds of businesses and organizations that offer specialized courses and programs, camps, sports and education for children with special needs. There is also a comprehensive list of support and respite services for families as well as a section specifically for families with kids on the autism spectrum.

If you know of any resources that we are missing, please send us an email

Special Needs

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  • 2434 chemin Marie-Victorin

    St. Nicolas, QC G7A 4H7

    (418) 831-1677

    Category: Residential camps

  • 756 chemin des Patriots

    Otterburn Park, QC J3H 1Z5

    (450) 467-3918 ext. 221

    Category: Residential camps

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