Martial arts camp teaches kids bullying prevention

Super Ninja Camp will offer field trips, swimming and other activities but also teach kids values like discipline and respect

A new martial arts-focused day camp in Pointe-Claire aims to teach children non-violent techniques to prevent and cope with bullying in addition to honing kung fu skills.

At Super Ninja Camp, which is affiliated with Kung Fu West Island, campers get a one-hour martial arts lesson every day, along with tips on bullying prevention, teaching core values like discipline and respect, as well as active fun like swimming and field games. The camp is designed for children aged 5-12.

According to camp coordinator Anik Lapointe, shy children or those who seem to lack self-confidence are often targeted by bullies. Through martial arts training, she said, children can build skills that can help them feel more self-assured.

Lapointe said a key component of the anti-bullying program is to teach children how to pay attention to their body language: walking taller, making strong eye contact, and speaking in a strong and clear voice to appear more confident. The camp’s curriculum also addresses why people bully other people, what to do if someone tries to bully you, and what to do if you see someone else being bullied.

“We always make sure to tell kids to use self-defence techniques only for self-defence,” Lapointe said. “We want them to become strong and be able to defend themselves or people in need.”

She added that all the activities at the camp are designed for children to build skills and learn core values while having fun. For example, children at the camp will create gratitude journals to encourage them to be more thankful, participate in gardening and planting activities to teach respect for the planet, take a weekly nutrition class to learn how to take care of their health, and meditate to learn how to control their energy and become aware of when their bodies need to slow down and rest.

“At a lot of camps it’s go-go-go all day,” Lapointe said. “When the kids come home they’re so tired. I felt it was important for the kids to have down time in the middle of the day.”

Super Ninja Camp is offered at #220-18 Place Triad in Pointe-Claire from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., with extended hours available at an additional cost. The camp costs $250 per week, with early bird discounts available for those who enrol before the end of April.

For more information, call 514-974-0669 or visit

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