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Julie Beaudet, Head of School

Proud graduate of Collège Charlemagne in 1993, Ms. Beaudet never really left her alma mater. After her high school studies and exemplary involvement in different committees, it's with no surprise that Ms. Beaudet returned to Charlemagne throughout her college and university years to volunteer and help organize shows for the high school students.

In 1999, she came back as Head of Student Services, after receiving a Master of Arts degree, for which she obtained an 'Award of Excellence' scholarship and was appointed to Head of Collège Charlemagne in 2005.

Ms. Beaudet’s background is certainly the source of her determination, and commitment to achieving success. Since her appointment 12 years ago, Collège Charlemagne has made constructive turning points in the radiance of its sports teams (the Phenix), and the outstanding academic achievements and social contributions of its students, both on a community and an international level.

Ms. Beaudet is recognized as an enthusiastic young woman with great communication skills, a true leader working with vision and rigor.

In 2014, Ms. Beaudet received the ‘‘Prix de la Relève’’, an award given by the ‘‘Association des directeurs généraux des établissements privés” to recognize her outstanding contribution as Head of a private school.

Julie Beaudet works along with the most energetic team of educators so that Collège Charlemagne continues to be one of the best private schools in the Province of Québec.

About Collège Charlemagne

5000, rue Pilon
Pierrefonds, QC H9K 1G4

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